The badly designed item in question is… the metallic and sleek-looking seats that now populate the MRT stations. In case you are one of those fortunate Singaporeans who doesn’t have to rely on public transport to get around, here’s a picture of the seat.


High leg rest and sloping angle of seat

Honestly speaking, it is quite aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t serve its sole purpose – to rest those poor tired legs.

Users’ feelings towards this thing above

Jessica aka irritating lovely sister:
“I think they should be called “butt rest” rather than chairs. They are not very comfortable because it “pushes” most of your body weight on your knees. Whenever I attempt to sit on the “butt rest”, i will end up sliding off it and I have to grip onto the sides so that I wouldn’t slip. It is especially hard when I am carrying heavy stuff.

My friends would often say that we are better off standing than sitting on that “butt rest”.”

My mom, woman of few words:
“I always slide down that seat because it is too slippery.”

Apparently, one blogger feels the same way about the seat.


Lesson learnt from the interaction
Both of them agreed that they are better off standing and putting their stuff on the seat.

Impression on brand
One word, “BAD.”

My reflection on the product and user reaction
Like others, I also find myself sliding down the seat all the time and holding onto the sides just so that I could stay put. I am sadly equipped with rather short legs so this means that my legs are dangling when I am “seated.”

Similar seats could be found at bus stops but they are alright because they have “grooves” on the surface which make it less slippery and they come in various heights. It is rather obvious that the designer of this seat didn’t get others to try his/her product or he or she is blessed with very long limbs.

To end off this post, I am very thankful that these useless seats are slowly getting replaced by normal ones. *hooray*