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Source: http://www.highsnobiety.com/home/the_daily_news/archive/2007/december/21/mcm_varsity_jacket/index.htm

Josh also known as Midnight D, 33 living in New York.

  • Josh is the only child in his well-to-do family. As the only child, his parents would get him whatever he wants. Ever since he was a child, he has been very gifted in sports and music. Throughout his schooling years, he has always been the best athletic in school. Josh has always been in the center of attention and he enjoys being under the limelight.
  • Josh is now a high-profile music producer who had work with hip hop rappers such as Snoop Dog and Missy Elliot and he is also an owner of an exclusive hip hop club. Josh loves the night life. He and his group of celebrity friends are always seen at the latest hotspots. As Josh works in the entertainment industry, he is very conscious of his image and appearance. In order to make sure that he is up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and always looking his best, he has hired a personal stylist and shopper. He loves to accessorize himself with “bling.” He purchases items are flashy that allow him to show off his wealth and attract attention. Josh is always at the gym working out or at his own basketball court shooting some hoops with his friends.
  • Josh owns many houses. Currently, he is living alone in penthouse in upper east Manhattan that comes equipped with its music studio. On nights when he is not out partying with his friends, he would throw a dinner party at his penthouse and invite his friends from high school and college to show off his interior-designed house, widescreen television and surround sound system.
  • He certainly enjoys keeping up to the latest technological trends and is often seen carrying with him the coolest gadgets. He enjoys meeting new people and likes to impress them with his gadgets and sense of fashion. He enjoys being exclusive. Collecting limited edition items could be considered one of his hobbies and MCM Varsity Jacket is one of his latest additions to his collection.

    Four-Pleasure Framework


    • Josh works in the entertainment industry where one’s appearances is of utmost importance. (Need Pleasure)
    • His love for sports did not stop after he graduated from University. He continued to play basketball with his friends.(Need pleasure)
    • He ensures that he is in good shape and always looking his best by hiring his own personal stylist and gym trainer. (Appreciation pleasure)


    • Josh loves and craves to be the center of attention all the time. (Need pleasure)
    • At the same time, he loves meeting new people and impressing them with his rich knowledge of other cultures, languages and musical instruments. (Appreciation pleasure)
    • Therefore, he always hold dinner parties at his penthouse. At the same time, he and his friends would often hang out at the latest hotspot in New York to be spotted by paparazzi.


    • Josh loves to travel around the world because he gets to learn and interact with other cultures. (Appreciation pleasure)
    • Josh enjoys learning how to play new musical instruments. Currently, he is learning to play the chinese er-hu. (Appreciation pleasure)
    • He loves to keep up with the latest technology and gets a thrill from learning how to operate his newly acquired gadgets. (Appreciation pleasure)


      • Josh is someone who knows what he wants in life and has always made all the major decisions in his life.
      • Josh believes in purchasing items that are reflective of one’s stage in life.
      • He is not satisfied with just being a successful music producer. His career goal would be to own his own recording label.

        Product Benefit Specifications


        • Huge user memory
        • Multi-language support function
        • SMS, MMS and email


        • Limited edition.
        • Stunning in terms of its appearances – Bling Bling
        • Can be used as a fashion accessory
        • Slim and lightweight

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